Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Sausage Pizza

Big Sausage Pizza Grilled
A Big Sausage Pizza Feast

A Big Sausage Pizza makes for the perfect feast.  There is nothing like cutting up a Big Sausage Pizza to share with friends and family to celebrate a birthday.  Many other occassions can have their enjoyment multiplied by ordering a Big Sausage Pizza as the centerpiece of the food shared.  Although I have never been to a wedding that featured Big Sausage Pizza as part of the reception dinner, but I am sure that there has been a least one wedding party that celebrated with Big Sausage Pizza.  My favorite occassions to have a feast of Big Sausage Pizza are any sporting events.  Nothing says Superbowl party like Big Sausage Pizza.  The same can be said for watching the world series, Stanley cup playoffs, or even The US Open Finals (who cares about strawberries and cream on Sunday when you can have Big Sausage Pizza).  My second favorite sporting event to through a feast of Big Sausage Pizza is the Big Dance NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Our family loves tracking the brackets while we plow through a feast of Big Sausage Pizza.

Homemade Sausage for the Big Sausage Pizza
If you are a true pizza lover you probably know that you can make a better Big Sausage Pizza than anyone else can deliver to your door.  I have found that most people who know how to make a great pizza have never considered making their own sausage for the Big Sausage Pizza.   I think it is relatively easy and there is great flexibility in making your own sausage so that you get just the right flavor combinations for your Big Sausage Pizza.  I would start with experimenting with a mixture of ground pork and beef (most people making homemade Big Sausage Pizza don't care about low fat, but you can make a leaner sausage by adding ground turkey) and you can also add ground lamb, veal, or any other game meat that you may have in your freezer.  Then starting adding some basic spices like salt and pepper that are essentila to Big Sausage Pizza and fry up a teasponful at a time to try and verify the spice level.  Then you start adding the appropriate spices that make the sausage stand out so that you have a Big Sausage Pizza and not a Big Hamburger Pizza.
I would suggest experimenting with things like rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage, basil, etc...  I have found that when people start making their own sausage for their Big Sausage Pizza they really find their own specific flavor combo.  Then you can start adding the pepper and hot sauce that kicks it up a notch.   By waiting to add the pepper till last you will ensure that your Big Sausage Pizza has the depth of flavor profile that you really want.